About us

Our family have lived on the beautiful French Riviera for over five years now and wanted to share some of the stylish, cool and tasty things that we love from England or have discovered, subsequently on our journeys.

And so URBAINE was born!

Our products have been carefully selected and we only plan to offer you ones that we, ourselves, are passionate about. We hope that you’ll feel the same about them as we do!

The URBAINE collection is available to buy online but also in Valbonne (06560 France) where, if you want to collect your orders personally, we would be very happy to see you.

We will be running occasional “Open House” days so that you can see, feel and taste our products for yourselves. You will be able to find out more information, such as the next “Open House” dates or Fairs that we will be attending on the URBAINE Facebook page or on our Latest News page.

And, of course, our 'TUCK SHOP' at both Mougins School and EBICA School continue on a monthly basis. See our 'Home Page' for days and dates.

We hope that you enjoy our URBAINE collections and we will, of course, be adding more products in the future. So keep checking the URBAINESTORE website!

Any feedback on our products would be most welcome as well as suggestions you might have for future additions.

Happy Shopping!