3RBox Stainless Steel Lunch or Snackbox 3 Colours


Not wanting to give our son a ‘goûter’ or snack in a toxic plastic lunchbox to take to school or to his many sports activities, we searched for a non-toxic sustainable lunchbox that also looked good and that he liked too.

We found one!! The 3RBOX whose company mantra is:


Made of high quality 0.5mm thick food-grade stainless steel, the 3RBOX is lightweight at 205 grams, offers spacious room (16.5cm x 11.5cm x 4.7cm), comes in three attractive colours, is pollution free, food safe and very easy to hand wash.

When you or your child uses a 3RBOX you can be happy that what is being eaten from it is free of pollutants and hygienically stored.

The 3RBOX is only suitable for solid foods as it deliberately avoids having any plastic or rubber seals.

Quite honestly we think the 3RBOX is great!

Good for you and for the environment.