Beaded Rakhi Cotton Bracelet


The chance to be involved with these Rakhi (Friendship) Bracelets was too good to turn down.

The wonderfully talented designer Valérie Barkowski designed these particularly beautiful bracelets with the help of the ‘Samajhna’ project in India.

They are hand-woven with cotton yarn and hand-embroidered with pearls in Rajasthan and are traditionally offered as a token of friendship. Usually, girls tie a Rakhi around their brother’s or cousin’s wrist and say to them ‘my loving thoughts will protect you forever’.

We adore the designs that Valérie has produced and it is so lovely to know that the funds from each bracelet sold are used to provide schooling for Indian children in Rajasthan.

The Rakhis that we have chosen come in a variety of beautiful colours and are topped with matte silver or gold pearls.

Without wishing to sound too pushy, we know that if you buy one bracelet it will look good on your arm. If you by two or three different ones you’re going to look great!