Rare Tea Company Lost Malawi English Breakfast - 50g tin


We love this Single Estate Loose Leaf Tea and enjoyed drinking it long before we came to live in France.

Great for breakfast, great for afternoon tea. In fact a delight to drink at any time of day! Delicious with milk but also wonderful on its own.

A rich black tea from a family run tea garden in the mountains of Malawi. The oldest tea estate in the country.

Henrietta Lovell known as ‘The Tea Lady’ travels the world to source tea direct from the farmers themselves. She supplies her loose leaf tea to some of the best and chicest hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and stores all over the world.

We cannot put it any better than Rare Tea Company do themselves:

‘To compare this to an ordinary tea would be like comparing a line drawing with a sculpture. This is like drinking normal tea but in 3D’

Don’t forget that because of the quality of Lost Malawi the leaf doesn’t just make one pot. If you refill the pot with fresh water you’ll find the second infusion is even better than the first.