Fruit Factory Fruit Strings - (5 x 20g) 100g


Who said fruit can’t be fun!!

The Fruit Factory were definitely inspired by these words as they have produced delicious, fun and convenient fruit-based snacks that are perfect for children of all ages.

Our son has always absolutely loved Fruit Strings and, when he has felt generous enough to part with one, so have his friends.

Bursting with Fruit Juice concentrate, with a blend of strawberry juices, sugars, gelatine and natural flavouring Fruit Factory Strings combine stretchy fun with a great fruit taste.

Pocket sized, they are perfect for lunchboxes, snackboxes (see our URBAINE 3RBOX or ECOlunchbox) and are easy to pop in your handbag for that special treat when you need it!

The Fruit Factory describe Fruit Strings as ‘suckable, slurpable and swirl-in-the-mouthable’!