Organix Rice Cakes - Apple or Raspberry - 50g


Yes we know that these delicious Apple or Raspberry Rice Cakes are specifically aimed at very young children but there’s still a toddler lurking in all of us and we have found that children of all ages are still very happy to tuck into a bag of little round circles of gently puffed organic rice.

Only the juice from apples and the ‘warmth’ of a little natural cinnamon go into an Organix Apple Rice Cake and apple, raspberry and blueberry juice are added to the Raspberry and Blueberry Rice Cake. And they are gluten free.

Organix have a ’no junk promise’ on all their food, so as parents we couldn’t be happier for our son to eat his way through a packet of Apple  or Raspberry Rice Cakes as a snack at school or at home.