Rare Tea Company Sri Lankan Lemongrass - 30g Tin


Another deliciously refreshing loose leaf herbal infusion from the Rare Tea Company collection.

We love this one! Which is, of course, why we want you to enjoy drinking it as much as we do!

Sri Lankan Lemongrass is an extraordinarily intense and vibrant tea which is grown on a tiny farm on a remote mountainside in Sri Lanka.

The Rare Tea Company describe it as ‘a rich and exceptionally bright herbal infusion with grassy notes of cut hay and lemon drops’. And who are we to argue? Words well chosen!

This ‘tea’ can be taken at any time of day, as a pick-me-up, a ‘digestif’ or as an accompaniment to both sweet and savoury dishes.

Yet another high grade tea from the exceptional Rare Tea Company that we are proud to offer you.