Stump Teapot and Cups - Grey - White - Citron


So…….. we absolutely loved drinking the Rare Tea Company Loose Leaf Teas and their Herbal Infusions but wanted to find a stylish contemporary teapot and cups that would enhance our tea drinking experience.

Luckily we discovered the ‘For Life ‘Stump Teapot which ‘ticked all our boxes’.

The Stump has great lines (if a teapot can have such a thing!), it is simple, functional, durable and looks the part.

Designed by a ceramic designer and entrepreneur in Los Angeles California these glazed porcelain teapots are classics and we just love using ours.

A Stump teapot comes with an extra-fine 0.3mm stainless steel infuser which can be easily removed after brewing and to clean. It has a permanently attached hinged lid and is completely dishwasher safe. We can vouch for that!


This teapot also comes with a set of two colour matched stylish and contemporary cups.


A lovely way to enjoy a cup of tea!