Urbaine Leather and Suede Handbag - Black - 30cm x 19cm


We went to Marrakech last year for a short holiday and apart from having a great time (the sun, the wonderful smells, the delicious tagines, the hot mint tea, the lovely people and the beautiful Riads) we found a small exclusive boutique selling original bags, jewellery and accessories. Not your usual Souk touristy fare!

A lovely handbag was purchased and has been carried extensively around the Riviera and admired by many on its travels.

Then, we thought, the ladies of the Côte D’Azur would love these bags. So…….. we have chosen our leathers and suedes, the colour of our cord handles and had a small number of these wonderful bags especially made for us by the same artisan back in Morocco.

No two bags are the same and each one is, of course, handmade. We love them all and the female partner in URBAINE doesn’t want to part with any of them. But business is business so fortunately for you we are giving you the opportunity to buy and own one of our classy, unique handbags.