Yoko Design Insulated Star Canette 280ml (3 designs)


We bought a Lime Green Yoko Design Canette for our son back in 2016 and he has loved using it ever since. It looks so cool, feels great and keeps his drinks even cooler!

Now we are really excited that Yoko Design have brought out these eye-catching 'Star' Canettes which look cooler than cool and we all want one!

With a Canette you can take hot or cold drinks anywhere. They can keep drinks at the correct temperature for several hours (approximately 5 hours for a hot drink and up to 10 hours for a cold one) and are ideal for transporting around, in a car, at school, on a walk, in your sports bag or on a trip to the beach.

We think that the Canette is so practical with its double thermal stainless steel wall, silicone seal, polypropylene drinks cap and soft touch or shiny coating. But please don’t put your Canette in the dishwasher. It likes to be washed by hand!

You might be big or you might be small but whichever size you are you will love your Yoko Design Star Canette.

A star is born!