Zero Japan Teapot Saturn 0.80L - White


So what were we looking for in a teapot? Apart from steaming hot tasty tea!

Clean lines! Functionality! Easy on the eye! Robust! Smooth! We could go on.

We have been using Zero Japan teapots for quite a few years now and they never let us down. They make a great cup of tea and a lovely cup of herbal tea as well.

And, one very important element, which we are always fussy about, the teapots pour well. There is nothing more frustrating than a beautifully designed teapot that drips hot tea all over the table when you pour. Very annoying.

Anyway, no problem with that with the Zero Japan. The handles have a design shape that helps you hold the pot easily when lifting or pouring. The spout does its job admirably.

With a contemporary look, the Zero Japan pots have a stainless steel lid which detaches, as does the stainless steel infuser cup inside each pot. And they can all be popped into the dishwasher for a very easy clean.

We love the glaze of the Zero Japan teapots which we would describe as ‘strong and smooth’! And, of course, as the name suggests, they are all made in Japan under the supervision of skilled artisans.