Zero Japan Wide Teacup - 3 colours - 0.18L


You don’t have to look far to find matching teacups to go with our collection of Zero Japan Teapots.

Here they are! With the same beautiful, smooth and colour matching glaze as the pots.

Dependent on your preference, we have chosen both tall teacups and wide teacups. Their volume is almost the same (180cc Wide / 190cc Tall) but obviously the feel in the hand is very different. It can all boil down to how you like to hold your cup.

Without getting too personal, are you a ‘caresser’ a ‘hand warmer’ or a ‘pinky finger’ tea drinker? Your choice. We won’t tell!

The members of the URBAINE family each have their own favourite teacup shape but we’re not going public with that sort of information!!